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Are you Seeking a skilled team to elevate your online MARKETING and expertly handle campaigns across A RANGE OF social platforms?


Ready to accelerate your revenue with our vetted Ad Scaling System?


More than $320 Million+ Spent on YouTube, Meta, TikTok, X, Programmatic & Native platforms

Generated over 1,000,000+ leads

Team of AdSkills Specialists – Our team are experts buying across all Media Platforms

Official YouTube AdSkills Champions – Sold over 100 copies of Retargeting Recipes in less than 2 days winning the 2020 YouTube AdSkills Championship

Creative department follows a proven process for writing persuasive copy and producing ads that have generated over 1,000,000 leads for our clients certified  

Keyword Campaigns & Custom Audiences

Tailored Audiences:
We will curate custom audiences using data from visitors of popular websites.
By targeting these audiences, we are tapping into a pre-existing pool of potential followers who have already expressed interest in content related to yours.

Google Search Strategy:
Our plan leverages Google Search to target high-potential search terms.

YouTube Display Ads

Channels & Positioning:
Using YouTube's powerful Display Ads platform, we will position your videos across different channels, ensuring that potential followers not only encounter your content but also connect with it on a deeper level.

Targeting Relevant Topics:
We help to identify key topics which resonate with your brand and your message. By targeting these topics, we ensure that your content will be placed in front of viewers actively seeking such content, maximizing the chances of discovery.

Ad Creation, Landing Pages & Optimization

Custom Landing Pages & Funnels:
We will develop bespoke landing pages and funnels tailored to maximize conversion rates for the traffic generated from our ads.

Ad Creatives:
We will rejuvenate your existing video content, editing to create engaging ads that capture attention and elicit desired actions.

Tracking, Reporting & Maintenance:
We prioritize transparency and results. Using state-of-the-art tracking tools, we will provide in-depth monthly reports, revealing insights and enabling iterative optimizations.

Timeline & Investment Model

3-Month Minimum Contract:

Month 1 | Data Collection: Identify high-performing and underperforming ad sets.
Month 2 | Optimization: Trim non-performing ads and refine targeting.
Month 3 | Scaling: Utilizing insights from the first two months, we will amplify our reach while maintaining optimal conversion rates.

Investment Model:

$0-$30,000 monthly ad spend… Client Monthly Contract Management Fee is $5,000
$30,001-$60,000 monthly ad spend… Client Monthly Contract Management Fee is $7,500
$60,001-$100,000 monthly ad spend… Client Monthly Contract Management Fee is $10,000
$100,001+ monthly ad spend… Client Monthly Contract Management Fee is 10% of ad spend

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