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Publishers | Increase Ad Revenue to Monetize Your Platform

As a publisher, your main focus is on supplying relevant, quality, engaging content for your viewers and subscribers. Monetizing your platform is an important part of keeping that content flowing. We understand the effort and dedication you’ve invested in your website, and we’re here to make sure that you see the ROI for all your hard work.

The JRWA is focused on driving sales for your publication, matching up our advertisers with the best audiences to drive ad sales for their service or product. We provide you, the publisher, with offers that will be a resource and benefit for your followers and subscribers. Advertising and creative materials are always preapproved before the campaign begins.

Our ideal publisher sends content materials daily and has an engaged and active subscriber list to connect with our various advertisers. Many of our direct-response marketers are in search of responsive traffic opportunities. We have long-term relationships with various news, health, financial, outdoor, survival and lifestyle publications. Partnering our sales expertise with your quality content is a formula for mutual success.

We work with a wide variety of publications including:

• Lifestyle Publications

• News Publications

• Financial Publications

• Health Publications

• Outdoor Publications

• Survival Publications

The image shows a pie chart and bar graph moving upward sitting on top of an electronic tablet, illustrating the growth of profits and revenue.